Delivering Customer Value

At Pact Packaging (Wellington), we produce a full stock range of standard food-grade thermoformed plastic containers and trays for produce, protein, bakery packaging, as well as a range of horticulture pots and trays.

In addition to our off the shelf range, our inhouse tooling and design teams can work with you help to produce specialised, custom-designed trays and containers, including barrier trays, confectionery trays, pharmaceutical and retail blisters packs.

Packaging machine


Pact Packaging (Wellington) produces high quality recycled plastic trays and containers using the well-established ’thermoforming‘ process. In this process, recycled plastic material is fed into the thermoforming machine, heated and formed into a multiple cavity mould using vacuum and/or pressure. The result is a thin-walled plastic container in either clear or coloured material produced efficiently, and at speed; typically this packing is for:

  • Food
  • Retail
  • Horticulture
  • Pharmaceutical

Our state-of-the-art facilities, deliver a wide range of most packaging suited to the New Zealand and Australia markets.

Retail-Ready Labelling

Our high-speed labelling system enables retail-ready labels to be pre-affixed to retail packaging before delivery to our clients.

Meeting World Leading Food Safety Requirements – FSSC 22000

With growing global awareness of food safety, our facility has invested substantially in attaining FSSC 22000 certification. This is a highly recognised global standard, and one that we were proud to attain and retain.