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As manufacturers of PET plastics packaging we believe we have a responsibility to minimise the environmental impacts. It has been our goal for many years to reduce our reliance on virgin materials and create our own brand of Pact Local rPET. This plant achieves this.  An important part of this is about raising the profile of recycling generally, people want to know what is happening to their recycling after it is collected from kerbside.

In a survey conducted by Horizon Research on behalf of The Packaging Forum in 2017, there was a 77% importance rating for buying packaging that is made from recycled materials. Because our rPET is sourced from New Zealand’s post-consumer waste stream, it closes the loop for recycling of PET packaging in NZ.

The Wellington site commenced using rPET in 2014 with imported flakes. We decided at that time it was the first step towards closing the loop for PET packaging. We never lost sight that our ultimate goal was to create our own food-grade rPET from post-consumer material which we have now achieved.

In most instances, rPET packaging can be used without compromise in performance and storage stability. The use of high levels of rPET does have some limitations in terms of freezability colour consistency. 

Every PET bottle or container recycled at our Wellington facility is given new life, saving the import of materials and reducing waste to landfill.

Our rPET containers are made from recycled PET containers. rPET packaging is recyclable. Our rPET plant reduces the need to import virgin PET because it produces a supply of high quality, food contact recycled PET (rPET).